To avoid network congestion, if the total traffic volume exceeds 2GB per day, a speed restriction will be put in place to ensure a pleasant customer experience for all our users. Maximum speed during this time is 500kbps.

With 500kbps speed, applications like YouTube videos, Facebook, and Instagram can still be used. Due to Facebook’s inability to automatically adjust its video settings, videos viewed within the Facebook application may buffer during this time.

High speed data allocation refreshes daily at 00:01.


The Acceptable Terms on Fair Use (“Fair Usage Policy” or “FUP”) for JuanaChat’s Telebabad 30 days offer is aligned with industry practice of telecommunications and VOIP providers all over the world. It is intended to ensure that all customers get to equally share an enjoyable experience using JuanaChat’s services. As such, the Fair Usage Policy is used to protect JuanaChat users against entities or persons utilizing JuanaChat’s services in a manner that runs counter to the intent of the offer, fraudulent, or exceeds normal standards of use.

In your purchase or use of our products and services, you agree to our FUP and agree to be bound by the said policy.

The following actions are considered a violation of our Fair Usage Policy:

  • Using a subscription, for instance, to engage in telemarketing practices or call center operations;
  • Re-selling subscription minutes;
  • Sharing subscriptions between numerous users via a PBX, call center, computer or by any other similar means;
  • Using a subscription for purposes other than your personal communications; or
  • Unusual calling patterns inconsistent with common, individual subscription use, for example, making regular short calls or making calls to multiple numbers in unusually short periods of time.

Please see below the terms relating to the Telebabad Offer that you have subscribed for:

  1. Available to all active JuanaChat users/subscribers with Telebabad and active Smart World Telebabad Offer.
  1. Applicable for all calls made from the JuanaChat app to Smart, Sun, PLDT landlines and Talk N’Text numbers.
  1. JuanaChat provides a large calling bundle on a daily and monthly basis to be used from the JuanaChat app for private, personal, and non-commercial purposes.
  1. JuanaChat shall implement policies to ensure that all subscribers get to equally share an enjoyable call experience. This policy is designed to prevent abuse of subscripton/s and to maintain the quality of service to subscribers. JuanaChat reserves the right to suspend or block services when any or all of the following activities deemed harmful and/or invasive to other parties are detected:

a. making fraudulent calls or bogus calls for promotional purposes; or

b. if your usage of the Telebabad Offer is unreasonably high.

  1. Your usage of the Telebabad offer is deemed excessive or unreasonable when the usage exceeds the caps defined below.

a. Telebabad 30 days

  • A cap of 4,000 accumulated minutes per PIN for the duration of 30 days while a daily cap of 200 minutes every 24 hours with a refresh every 00:00 UTC will be implemented.
  • The FUP restricts calls to 60 minute/1 hour periods. Once a call has reached 60 minutes/1 hour, it will automatically be disconnected. You will however be able to dial the same number again straight away.
  1. If JuanaChat reasonably suspects that you are not acting in accordance with the Fair Usage Policy, JuanaChat reserves the right to suspend or block your Telebabad subscription or disconnect your account without warning or notice.
  1. This FUP may be amended or modified by JuanaChat in its discretion at any time by notifying the subscriber of such changes either by note on the website, or by email to the subscriber, or by any other reasonable means.
  1. This FUP shall be governed by the laws of Japan and the parties agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of Tokyo, Japan.